Review: Lament Hill by Danae Samson

Title: Lament Hill
Author: Danae Samson
ISBN: 978-0956531667

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

"David Masterson is a talented music journalist working at a modest music magazine, hoping to go places. One day his Editor gives him the assignment he had been waiting for - to obtain an exclusive interview with the world's most famous, but reclusive Rock Star, Jared Lucas.

Not believing his good fortune, Masterson journeys to the remote estate of Lament Hill near Mount Hood in Oregon, home of the legendary Rock icon, to secure the interview that he believes will make his career. Yet, what appears at first to be a dream assignment turns out to be anything but as, in Masterson's attempt to get Lucas to reveal his soul, he is soon shocked to discover that he is, in fact, fighting to keep hold of his own..."

I liked the originality of this story and once I got into it, it was hard to put down. A fight between good and evil with strong characters and an unexpected ending. Worth a read.



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