Twitter Backgrounds for Writers

Twitter is one of the power-houses of social media and a popular site for writers. Whether you're using it to connect with other writers, build relationships with your fans or for book promotion, a writer-themed background will add some flair to your profile.

How to change your twitter background:

  • Log into Twitter.
  • Go to "Edit profile" on the top right side of your page
  • Click on "Design"
  • Scroll down to the section "customise your own" and upload your background image from your computer.
  • Click "Save changes"
  • Your new background will now show on your profile.

Free Writer-themed backgrounds:

Wine Press of Words have put together an excellent post with a selection of writer-themed backgrounds that you can download and use free of charge on your Twitter profiles. A bit of everything from desktops to typewriters to books and paper and pens.

Make your own:

You can of course make your own background using a graphics program and personalise it completely. I used Adobe Illustrator to create my background image so that it fitted with the rest of my online branding.

This is a screenshot of my personal account @JoLinsdell

Have you personalised your twitter background? Did you make it yourself or use a template?


  1. Great post Jo.

    I haven't done this with my Twitter account yet but think I shall as of this weekend :)

    1. Thanks David :)

      Personalising your Twitter profile is a great way to have more visual impact on tweeters and shows that you're not just another "egg". It's also a shame to waste such a great space for additional marketing ;)


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