Top Ten Tips For All Brazen Hussies (or Wannabe’s)

1.       Be a lurker – Hang out in the section in bookstores where your books are. When someone looks for a book, offer them yours.
2.       Never hide your book – At a restaurant, set it on the table; make a see-through pocket in your purse and stick your book in it.
3.       If you’ve got it, flaunt it – wear your book cover on a sweatshirt or t-shirt; put it on a cap; make pins to wear and to give away.
4.       You asked for it, you’ve got it – don’t let Toyota do it alone. If a cashier asks for picture ID, show them your picture on the book. Let them write down the ISBN instead of your drivers license number.
5.       Never hang up on a telemarketer – let them finish their pitch and then give them yours. You can sell hundreds of books this way!
6.       Don’t be afraid to interrupt – even on the Internet. If someone in a thread mentions something that pertains to your book, jump in with a bit of BSP (blatant self-promotion).
7.       Blow your own horn – have bumper stickers made up to put on your car and to give to others. Like “Honk if you’ve read a Janet Elaine Smith novel.”
8.       Attend booksignings – book in hand. If another author is signing their books, support them by buying their book; then show them your book.
9.       Become a part of “bookstore mania” – call bookstores (start in your area and then venture out). Make them want to buy your book.
10.    Become an eavesdropper – when you hear someone say it’s their anniversary or a birthday, give them a book. They are almost certain to buy any other books you write. And they may well buy them for Christmas gifts. 

Brazen Hussy Creed

As a Brazen Hussy, I vow to always present
my book at every opportunity.
I will not be offensive, but I will be proud.
I will show my true colors to everyone
who will lend me their ear.
I will, above all else, enjoy life
to the fullest and have fun,
And I will spread that sense of fun
throughout the entire book world.

To become a Brazen Hussy, join us at 

Guest post by Janet Elaine Smith


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