How to become a better writer

For most of my adult life I’ve had a strong opinion about how one becomes a better writer—a better artist. I still maintain that you're either born with talent or you're not. But this is easy to say, and often people say it even though they don’t really mean it or understand it. And it’s also not entirely true.

There's one thing you can do to become a better artist whether you possess talent, or you're fighting to find it. In my eyes it’s the only way to become truly better at an art: Become a better human being.

Forget about class, even though it can make you a better writer. Forget about how-to books, even though they help millions worldwide. Forget about what’s trending on Twitter, even though it informs and educates. Life is your class—live it. Life is your book—write it. Life is your web—spin it. Be better to yourself. Be better to others. Take the moral high ground, even when they're wrong. Respect your elders. Learn from children. See the innocence in everything and everyone. Forgive. With growth comes character, and with character comes texture, and with texture comes your gift to the world in its purest, most honest form. And that’s your legacy.

Being a good writer and being a good artist are two separate entities. To be a good writer—take that class, buy that book, and surf that web. But to be a better artist—be a better human being. The entire world will grow right along with you.

Guest post by Gregor Collins. Gregor is an actor, writer and producer living in Los Angeles. His debut book, The Accidental Caregiver: How I Met, Loved, and Lost Legendary Holocaust Refugee Maria Altmann, is now available on Kindle  (, and through his website:


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