3 Creative Ways to Market your New Book on Google+

So you've written a new classic— a book that will change the way society sees the world. One major problem: how are you supposed to influence anyone if no one even knows of your book's existence? While "traditional" marketing and a superb book tour manager can get your name out there, these options can be pretty expensive. So if you have a small budget—perhaps because your book is self-published or you're an aspiring "student" author—then social media marketing can be your next best bet.
While Facebook and Twitter can be just as effective, my favorite social media site-of-choice is Google+. That said, to learn some creative marketing techniques you can utilize on Google+ aside from "sharing" about your upcoming book release, follow these few tips below.
Hold/Enter Contests
You may refer to your readers as your fans but in actuality they're consumers—and just like every consumer, your Google+ friends need to see "what's in for them." There needs to be a reason why they've added you to their "circle" in the first place. There needs to be an incentive if you will. There are several ways you can approach this. The first is to offer exclusive coupons or promotional deals to those that add you on Google+. This should increase your following so you can reach out to a larger audience. My favorite promotional technique however is holding contests and then offering a free signed copy of my book as the prize. Contests may require some creativity, but it can be something as simple as "who can help create the most unique character name." Whatever it is, you want to get your readers involved pre and post production.
While on the topic of contests, remember that entering your completed book in a few contests is recommended as well. Earning an award won't only make you a more credible author and give you the right to call your book "award-winning," but you can also send press releases announcing your "win" to newspapers and other media outlets who can help promote your book even further.
Host Video Chat Sessions

Another great way to get to know your readers as well as make you seem more personable (which may drive book sales) is to host video chat sessions with select fans using the Hangout feature. You can announce that you will go live at a designated time. This is when fans can ask you questions about parts they might've not understood or just want to get some insight into your creative process.  Or if you'd like, you could find someone to interview you and host an official podcast. It's up to you.
Create Book Trailers
Last but not least you can create a book trailer. Movies have trailers, why can't books? It will take some creativity in order to create scenes and music that can properly give your readers a sense of what your book is going to be about but it can definitely be a fun approach at using all of the tools you have access to.
Guest post by Aniya Wells, a freelance blogger whose primary focus is writing about www.onlinedegreeprograms.com. She also enjoys investigating trends in other niches, notably technology, traditional higher education, and writing. Aniya welcomes reader questions and comments at aniyawells@gmail.com.


  1. Hi Jo, great ideas and tips for Google+ users - don't do much Blogging, but starting to look into it a bit more now. Thanks for the tips - going to share this on Twitter :) n x


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