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My name is Shon Hyneman and I’m a Husband of ten years to Londina Hyneman and Father of two children. I am a speaker and owner of Never Again Ministries which promotes Marriage Enhancement and Holistic Relationships from a Biblical perspective yet apply it to your everyday life. I am the author of four books If You Apply These Principles…God Is More Practical Than We Think (2008) It’s The Woman You Gave Me (2009) Workbook: Three Are Even Better (2010) and my latest book WISDOM: Preventing Problems Before They Happen (2012)

How I became an author is through conversing with my Wife about various issues in Marriage and relationships from money to children to sex. In these conversations is where I would get my materials for my books. We would coach married couples and singles on the most relevant issues surrounding their lives. I’m an avid reader so material would come from books too. One key to writing a successful book is to be transparent to the readers. Not only talk about your achievements but talk about your failures and how you overcame adversity.

Writers block happens to the best of us. What works for me is to step away from the notepad, desktop or whatever I use to write and do something else to take my mind off writing. Later on I come back to writing with a clear mind to write about my book’s topic. I try to take as many notes as possible when I have an idea for a book so when I write I already have a table of contents and at least a chapter to start with. That’s what works for me when I encounter writers block.

I prefer to self-publish than to go with the traditional publishing company route. With today’s social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn one is able to promote their work online. I have an editor, graphic artist (for book cover design) and I purchased a block of ISBN numbers for future books I write. I also have a printing company I use when it’s time to order copies of my books in bulk. For marketing you can have a virtual book tour which is someone you pay for them to connect you with people who have their own radio shows and interview you on their blog. It’s a great and efficient way for an unknown author to get the necessary publicity they need.

I suggest one write about what they are passionate about as opposed to what’s popular. Whatever one is passionate about they will go the extra mile to do the research for the necessary material they need for their book. Also, read as much as possible about what you are passionate about. For example, I am passionate about marriage and relationships so I read at least fifteen books a year on that topic. If one choose to use material from other books make sure you give them the credit. The last thing an author need is to be known for plagiarism.

Our website is www.neveragainministries.com   

Guest post by Shon Hyneman


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