Interview with Brian Feinblum from Book Marketing Buzz Blog

When and why did you start the site? 
I began blogging in May 2012 and in just 14 months I have amassed over 400 posts. I find it addictive! I created BookMarketingBuzzBlog for several reasons, mainly to help inform, enlighten and inspire authors and publishers to think differently about how to promote and market their books.  There is a big learning curve when actively promoting yourself or another -- things change quickly -- and you have to have a tough skin to handle daily rejection.  I realize that many people I speak to, including my clients and potential clients, ask the same things and wonder how they can be better at book marketing and book publicity. I want them to know they are not a lone out there. The blog is also useful to attracting people to Media Connect, the PR firm I serve as chief marketing officer ( The blog also helps brand me as a leading expert in book publicity, marketing and publishing. Lastly, I just enjoy having a public outlet for my thoughts -- every writer wants to be heard and I understand that first hand.

What kind of content do you publish?  

My blog reflects useful tips and strategies, but it also has opinions and thought-provoking posts. I interview many people -- anyone connected to the publishing or PR industries, from authors and literary agents to publicists, marketers, members of the media, and publishers.

Are you open to guest posts? 

Yes -- people should just let me know what they would like to write about and if it's a fit, I would post it. They can email me at

You've been involved in book publicity for many years. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I began in 1989, working for a small publisher and now have been with Media Connect, the nation's largest book promoters for 13 years. I have served as a book editor, acquisitions editor, publicist, and marketer. I have written and published a book as well. I love to write, generate ideas and meet interesting and intelligent people that make up the industry. I love words. I initially wanted to be a journalist but that didn't work out and now I am happy working with writers.

With such a rich and varied experience, what are your plans for the future? 

I hope to write several books but continue to nurture writers and work with the media and publishers. The industry is changing but the basic idea is the same: someone has something to say -- in some form -- and wants to get that message out -- to whatever and wherever.

Brian Feinblum
What are your top 3 tips for book marketing? 

Aside from reading my blog or hiring a professional to help, I would say book marketing comes down to doing something every day, setting goals, and looking to build upon successes. The marketing and PR should help you not only to sell a book but to build a brand. It takes time, luck, skill, connections, timing, and lots of effort. It will take a blend of all kinds of media to get your voice heard: traditional, online, and social.

What are your predictions for the future of the book publishing industry? 

I have many thoughts on this that are best summarized in a recent blog post:

Is there anything else you'd like to share with W&A readers? 

There are millions of published books floating around. They each compete for mind share and for the same consumer but many don't spend enough time promoting and marketing their books. They think abut it. They worry about it. They try it and fall short. The key is to keep at it. There are many success stories out there of authors converting their ideas, wisdom, experiences and fantasies into steady income. But the best book in the world means little unless you get the word out about it. Books do not sell themselves. They need a push.


  1. Thanks, Brian always has great advice, Edward Smith.

  2. Terrific interview of Brian. His insights and suggestions are invaluable! I enjoyed being interviewed by Brian and I've been quite the frequent visitor to Brian's blog. I look forward to staying in touch.

    All the best,

  3. Apart from book marketing there are many more things to pen down while writing or publishing book! Anyways it was great reading the interview

  4. Lost me in the first inaccurate sentence: "I began blogging in May 2012 and in just 14 months I have amassed over 400 posts." How is it possible that 14 months have passed when the article is dated July 5, 2012 and today is only September 20, 2012?


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