Changes between LinkedIn and Twitter

One of the easiest time saving tools for people not wanting to spend too much time on social media is the ability to sync accounts so that by updating the status on one, you automatically update your other platforms too.

LinkedIn and Twitter have had a collaboration together since 2009 which enabled you to share your updates with both platforms. Twitter has recently been evolving its strategy and this will have an effect on the way tweets appear in third-party applications. One of these is that Tweets will no longer display automatically on LinkedIn.

You will however still be able to share your updates with your Twitter audience by posting them on LinkedIn. This means that if you start the conversation on LinkedIn, click the Twitter icon and share, your update will post automatically to both your LinkedIn account and your twitter account.

Any update posted on Twitter will no longer show on LinkedIn, even if you synced your accounts.

You can find out more information about what these new changes mean for your synced LinkedIn and Twitter accounts in the LinkedIn help centre.

Do you sync your social media accounts?


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