Review: All He Saw Was The Girl

Title: All He Saw Was The Girl
Author: Peter Leonard
Publisher: The Story Plant
ISBN: 978-161188042-7

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

Rome: McCabe and Chip, two American exchange students, are about to become embroiled with a violent street gang, a beautiful Italian girl and a flawed kidnapping plan.

Detroit: Sharon Vanelli's affair with Joey Palermo, a Mafia enforcer, is about to be discovered by her husband, Ray, a secret service agent.

All He Saw Was the Girl takes place as these two narratives converge in the backstreets of Italy's oldest city. 

Peter Leonard throws you straight into the action in this book and keeps the story fast passed until the end. He describes the settings well and you soon find yourself taken along with the characters.

As an English person living in Rome I could really identify with the speech patterns of the Italian characters and his detailed descriptions of the setting.

All He Saw Was The Girl is a quick but interesting read. I'm definitely now curious about reading the other work by this author.


  1. Thank you for your thoughts and posting. I am also anxiously awaiting his next novel after reading 2 of his books. I found both to be quite engrossing.


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