How to schedule your Facebook posts

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature for public pages that allows you to schedule your posts in advance right from Facebook. 

So why is this good news for writers and authors?

  1. Because it means you can schedule posts directly on Facebook without having to use third party applications. This is good news as it saves you the time of having to go to a different site and because third party applications are sometimes unreliable.
  2. Because it means you can master your Facebook marketing plan. On pages you have an insights feature that allows you to monitor which posts have received the most likes, shares, comments etc... You can use this information to schedule your posts for the highest impact.
  3. By programming posts in advance you free up more time for concentrating on your writing. Those 5 minutes 'just checking' on Facebook can easily turn into hours.

How to schedule a post

Set up your status update as usual but instead of clicking on 'post' click on the small clock face to the left.

You will then be able to schedule when the post will show on your timeline by selecting the year, month, day and time.

You can also use it to fill in past events by selecting a date and time from the past. The post will then automatically show on your timeline at that time. Perfect for filling in information about past publish works and events that you've taken part in.

Have you tried scheduling a post yet?


  1. Replies
    1. I love it too. 2 thumbs up Facebook! I think this new feature will be one that everyone is happy about and might even help convince those who weren't very happy about the change over to timeline.

  2. I never knew that you can schedule your post in Facebook. Thanks for showing it to us.


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