Interview with By Maxine Mansfield

When did you know you wanted to be a writer? 
I think I’ve always known. Some of my earliest memories are of making up different worlds and developing characters. It wasn’t until I was well into my thirties, however, before I got up enough nerve to try it.
What genre do you write and why?
I love-love-love Historicals, but I also love the thought of magic and dragons and worlds not quite like our own. So, I write a combination of both. Romantic Fantasy with a historical feel and a dash of laughter combined with a dollop of naughty. Sometimes, quite naughty.
Tell us about your latest book.
Touched by the Magic is the first in a six book series set on the far away world of Albrath at The Academy of Magical Arts, and I think the blurb best tells the gist of the story.
Briarlarn Tumbleweed wants to learn the art of becoming a True Healer, but her nerves get the best of her when she’s paired in the sexually dynamic healing class with Uthiel Stoutheart, Paladin of the Realm. Between burning off his eyebrows and overturning a candle on certain exposed male parts, she isn't making a very good impression. But then, how can she be expected to focus when Uthiel is strong, brave, and touches Briar in a way that leaves her weak in the knees, quivering with pleasure, and begging for more?
Falling in love with the accident-prone but talented Briar was not what Uthiel had planned, but life with the sexy healer is adventurous, hilarious, mind-blowingly stimulating, and clearly his destiny. His soul awakens while taking her to new heights, yet he can't allow his own pleasure. There’s no getting around it—he must leave The Academy and pursue his quest to right the wrongs done to his people if he can ever hope to find happiness with Briar. 

What marketing methods are you using to promote your book?

Twitter and Facebook, and of course word of mouth. Also wonderful blogs tours like this one. Thank you so much for giving me a place to showcase my work. It is greatly appreciated.  
What formats is the book available in?
E-book or Paperback, so Touched by the Magic will be available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wild Rose Press, and just about anywhere else you can find e-books. It can be acquired in whatever format your e-reader, computer or you like.
What do you like to do when you're not writing?
Playing with my grandbabies has to top that list. I have six now, and they do their best to keep their Nana young. Playing with Grandpa is right up there too. I like him! Also, I’m an online game junkie when I can find the time. I’ve played EQ1, EQ2, World of Warcraft, etc. That’s where I’ve gotten a few ideas and names for some of my more than, let’s say, very interesting, and disturbing at times, characters.
Who are your favourite authors?
Wow, there are so many that there isn’t room to name them all, so I’ll just tell you my top three. I love every single word Julia Quinn writes. Oh, and Monica McCarty. What those women can do with a man in either a kilt or breeches is truly amazing. But then who doesn’t love hot, hunky English Lords, and mouth-watering, sword brandishing, Highlanders. And then, there’s Donna Grant who is in a category all her own. Not only do her Highlanders wear kilts and are so sexy they have your knees buckling, but they also have Gods inside them always fighting to take over. I just wish they would all three write faster.
What advice do you have for other writers?
Write. Write everyday if possible. Write even when it feels like all you are putting down on the paper is crap. And when you are sure your project can’t get any worse, write faster and dig deeper. Perseverance is the key. If you don’t first write the book, it will never become published.
What's your favourite quote about writing/for writers?
One of my fellow Alaska Chapter of Romance Writers, Tielle St. Clair always says ‘Write around it,’ when asked how to address issues in a manuscript. I’ve found this advice to be very helpful so many times. What she means is stop butting your head up against a brick wall and take a look at your work from a different prospective. Her advice has turned rewrites and edits for me into an enjoyable process, instead of the nail-biting, crying, threatening to throw my computer against the wall, pain in the patooty it used to be.
Maxine Mansfield

What's the best thing about being a writer?
Life can be tough, and I get to take people away from their day to day worries of the world for a little while, and transport them to a place where happily-ever-after really does exist. What better job in the whole world could there ever be?
Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
My website is Please come visit and stay awhile. I love company. You can also find me lurking at The Wild Rose Press.
Anything else you'd like to add?
I just want to thank you again for the opportunity to tell people a little something about my book, Touched by the Magic, and about myself. Thank you so much for having me.


  1. Thanks for having me, I'm so glad to be here today

  2. Great interview. Your cover is awesome.

    1. Thank you. I really love my cover too. The Wild Rose Press has some amazing cover artists

  3. WooHoo Maxine! I already have my copy. Can't wait to read it!


    1. Thanks Jackie, I hope you enjoy it, and after those hot Vampires of yours, I hope you don't find Touched too bland. :)

  4. Good morning, Maxine! It's pretty cool to have a Nana who plays online games AND who is a published author. Not that you can let those kids read your book any time soon, lol! I look forward to your next book.


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