How to get more people to notice your Facebook page

So you've decided on the type of Facebook fan page you want and have set it up. Now you need people to notice it. Creating a large and active community for your Facebook page isn't an easy task and usually takes quite a while to build. Here's a few tips to get people to notice your page:

  • Personalise your page for a professional look. Add a Timeline cover image, make sure your description is filled out in the 'About' box and add page tabs with personalised images.
  • Post everyday if you can.
  • Post content that is likely to go viral. The more people share your posts the more people will find out about your page. Images are content gold! Post some pictures for high impact. Quotes tend to go down well too. Just make sure you stay on topic. All content must be relevant to the page.
  • Share the page link everywhere you can. Post it to your website and other social media profiles encouraging people to drop by.
  • Interlink your social media profiles. If you have a blog, set it to automatically post to your page and then link your page to your twitter account so it posts there too. If your twitter account is also feed to other networks like LinkedIn, Myspace etc... each one then feeds back to the others helping increase traffic. This one thing saves loads of time as you just need to update your blog for it to post to all your accounts.
  • Use the' invite' feature to let your contacts know about your page and ask for a like.
  • Interact with people on your page. Encourage them to post to your wall and ask questions.
  • Highlight a fan of the week to show appreciation to active page users.
How are you getting people to notice your Facebook Page? 


  1. As a former journalist but (as yet!) unpublished author, I blog mainly about writing or Guernsey where I was born and where my current historical novel is set. I then share the blog posts on facebook. I don't want to go down the self-publishing route and as such can only class myself as a writer, not an author, which is very frustrating. However, as the Channel Islands have just celebrated Liberation Day, when they were freed from German rule in 1945, I will be putting an excerpt from by book on my blog today. Thanks for the advice, even though I'm not quite ready for a fan page yet!

  2. Great tips! I definately agree blog ---> facebook ---> twitter but NOT the other way! - oh how twitter feed on facebook page annoys me so much! Twitter links on a FB page are totally incomprehensible and just annoying, annoying, annoying. And it encourages me to not follow you on both FB and Twitter, because it's all duplicated. So I can just pick one or the other. But it works well the other way. LOl - or maybe I'm the only that thinks so.


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