Optimize Twitter for search

Here's a few tips to help you optimize your Twitter profile in order to show up well in search results.

1) The first step is to choose a unique and professional username. Your real name, pen name or company name is best.

2) Twitter gives you up to 160 characters space to display in your bio. Use it wisely. Be sure to include at least one keyword in this ‘about’ section that reflects you in an accurate way to help you improve search visibility.

N.B. Search engines often display your twitter bio in the links’ description on the results pages, so make it attention grabbing.

3) Pick a set of keywords specifically for Twitter. Use them throughout the day in your tweets to help boost your rankings.

4) 120-130 character tweets have the highest click through rates (ctr). To ensure your S.E.O. keywords are not deleted when another tweeter shares your tweet using  “rt@username,” you need to make sure your tweets have at least 10-20 characters free space.

5) Obviously your content needs to be noteworthy enough that other influencers are retweeting it.

6) Post updates that appeal to influencers
Search engines like Google are analysing the number of followers a user who retweets your content has in order to give the re-tweeted link its proper value of importance. They register the value of Twitter authority figures and compare it with the value of the link posted. So Posting updates that appeal to influencers will without doubt boost your optimization efforts.

Are you on twitter? What techniques are you using to optimize your profile?


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