How to organise a successful book party

Planning a book party?

Book parties are a great “coming out” event for your book, giving you the opportunity to increase exposure, boost sales, and celebrate all your hard work.

Tips for a successful book party
  1. Have a sign-in sheet for those who attend your party so you can capture everyone's name and email address. After the event email them to thank them for coming. 
  2. Hire a photographer (or rope in a friend or relative) to take pictures so you can upload them to your website, blog and social media profiles. Tag people in the photo's.
  3. Provide some kind of food and drinks for your guests (see below for some book themed treats).
  4. About half way through the event, have a host introduce you to the crowd and give a brief 'Thank you' speech. If you have a soft voice use a microphone. Have someone film the speech so you can upload it to YouTube and other video sites.
  5. Encourage people to purchase a copy of your book either by having copies available for signing or a WIFI-enabled laptop for ordering online.
  6. Have a prize, give-away or swag-bag (especially if books are being purchased online) so people have something to leave with.
  7. Promote the event on your social media sites and give a hashtag for the event so people can comment prior to, during and after the event.
  8. Ideally the event should last about 2 hours and be free to attend.
  9. Invite the media.
  10. Have a special discount or offer for those who buy the book in bulk.

The perfect treats for your book party

The tasty Hungry Happenings blog has some excellent recipes including these edible books with fruit leather and honey-scented white chocolate.
For the full recipe  click here.

Another bookish recipe from the site are these Rice Krispies Treat Books

For the full recipe click here 


  1. Why not take the 'treats' idea further still and have your book cover printed on sugar paper and attach it to the book.

    1. What a cool idea! I have hand puppets to make of children's book main character but these would be great for the adults.

    2. Oh wow! I bet those hand puppets are great for book readings. The kids must love them

  2. Hi Jo,
    I am the author of an e published book and I want to have a book launch, however, I wasn't sure how to sell my book. A wifi contected computer could work. Because the book is downloaded to the purchaser's library. Hmmm.
    Thank you for the idea.
    Yours truly,

    1. You're very welcome Annette. Good luck with your launch and please drop back and let us know how it went.

  3. Dear Jo,
    this would be helpful. i needed to read this. Would let you know how it goes eventually. Thank you

  4. wat a wonderful idea


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