Advice for newbie writers

I recently asked Writers and Authors followers "What's your advice to newbie writers?". Here's some of their advice:

"Give yourself permission to call yourself a writer because mind-set makes all the difference in the world." 

-Jen Nipps

"Don't give up! Don't stop writing, do 'hang' with like minded people, & always seek more knowledge!"

Nika Hamilton

"Never ever ever ever quit!"

"Don't obsess over your book sales or reviews."

Carol M Smith

"Never give up!!!"

Lorrie Zink

"Keep a regular writing schedule. There's no such thing as 'no time to write'." 

What advice do you for newbie writers? Leave a comment.


  1. Thank you so much, these are wonderful pieces of advice! I would add don't close yourself off from opportunities by focusing on just one particular route to publication.


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