Timeline has arrived for Facebook pages!

Facebook is going through some big changes. You can now express yourself with a big banner behind your profile picture. Facebook call it 'Timeline cover'. 

Timeline has been available for profiles for a while now but as of today it is now also available for pages. Pages will officially move over to the Timeline format on 30th March but you can get ahead of the masses and personalize yours now (I've already started editing the Writers and Authors page).

If you want to get creative with your page there are several online gadgets that can help. My favorite is Timeline Cover Maker.

The editor features are: No visible watermark on the final image (others have this and it doesn't look as good and distracts from your design), you can blend your profile picture seamlessly with your timeline cover background, you can draw or add text and you can add tons of graphics or emoticons.

When setting up your Timeline Cover art be careful to stick to the rules. No mention of your website URL or calls to action. Not to worry though. You can include your website information under 'About' and pin a call to action to the top of your page.

Have you experimented with Timeline yet? What do you think about the new format?


  1. You know, Facebook is getting kind of scary.

    1. Facebook is making a lot of changes. In the beginning I wasn't a fan of Timeline (and I'm still not completely sure if I like it or not) but it does have some benefits when it comes to pages.

      I love the cover banner and the fact that members can now send private messages too. I also like the option of pinning an important post or call to action to the top of the page. Having everything in one place in the admin panel is also a plus. That being said I still find it a bit 'messy' and would like to see Facebook make the timeline flow better.

      Pro or con, Timeline is here so I guess we just need to make the most of it.

  2. I didn't know about this Timeline Cover Maker. Thank you! It looks so much fun!

    1. There are quite a few programmes like this popping up on the web (and no doubt more will follow). This is my favourite though. It's easy to use and gives good results. It's also free and doesn't add a watermark to the finished product.

      Others I like are http://www.faceitpages.com/facebook-timeline-cover.php and http://home.coverphotomagic.com/


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