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"For our first eBook bundle we are going to choose between 5 and 10 eBooks from each of the main genres; Crime, Thriller, Sci-fi, Fantasy and perhaps a few others. These books will be sold as one big bundle for which the customer can literally pay what they want, anything from 1 penny to a trillion pounds. A bundle will have a set sale period, so for our first bundle anyone can buy it for three weeks, after which it can no longer be purchased but can still be downloaded at any time. I am aiming to have about one bundle every three months, but it really depends on the quality of the eBooks that I can find and how long it takes to convert them into the different formats. 

The eBook bundle is DRM free so you will be able to read them on literally any device out there, including Kindle, apple devices and android apps. We feel this is an important aspect of the bundle and is how the actual eBook market should be instead of having the kind of restrictions Amazon DRM currently have. When a customer goes to download the bundle they will be presented with a few options as to what format they need. 
Currently we offer the following which covers most devices out there:

  • .mobi (kindle format)
  • .pdf
  • .epub (most other devices)
  • .rtf

A charity is attached to this bundle. This means Book Aid International will receive an equal share of the profit along with the authors at the end of the first bundle. 

We have just gone live with our beta site and would like to invite any author with a eBook to submit their work for consideration for inclusion in our first bundle. Information on how to submit an eBook for us to look over can be found at our website


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