How to get a vanity URL for your Amazon Author Central Page

Amazon allows authors to personalize the web address that points to their Author Central page on Amazon by creating a vanity URL.
On your Author Central page you can feature your bio, videos, latest tweets and blog posts. You can also list your upcoming events. It's especially important for authors with multiple titles for sale on Amazon, because it shows a summary of all of your books.
My vanity URL looks like this:

An Author Page URL is an easy to share link to your page on Once you create your Author Page URL, you can use it in your marketing efforts – post to your Facebook page and/or blogs, tweet to your followers, add it to your email signature.

You are limited to one Author Page URL. It's possible that another author has already reserved the URL. If you get a message that says the URL is already taken you will need to try another variation.

Creating your Author Page URL

  1. Go to and log in to your Amazon Author Central account. If you don't already have an Author Central account, you can create one at this same page.
  2. On the Author Central Profile tab, click add link next to "Author Page URL."
  3. A URL will be suggested, however you may enter text that meets the following guidelines:
    • At least 1 character, no more than 30 characters
    • May use letters, numbers, dashes, periods and underscores
    • No spaces
    • No special characters other than dashes, periods and underscores
    • Profanity is not allowed
  4. If the URL you input is available, click Save.
Most authors will probably use their author name in the URL, but give it some consideration first, because you can't change it once it's assigned. 

Your Author Page URL will go live after approximately 30 minutes. 

Once you've created your vanity URL share it here in the comments section.


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