How to drive traffic from Facebook to your website

Probably the most overlooked way to drive traffic from Facebook to your website is to link to your website or blog in the "About" box on your Facebook page.

In the "About" box on the top left-hand side of your Facebook page you can add a short, one or two line description. Space is limited and a lot of people make the mistake of either not including a link or adding it after their description (so that it’s buried, and visible only to fans who click “more”). 

With the new Timeline cover you have plenty of space to show what your page/business is about. You can also add a description to the "info" section of your page.
For best results keep the information in this valuable area simple, short and to-the-point. A quick call-to-action will suffice, like “Visit us at LINK” or “Get more great tips at LINK.” 
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