How to Write Creative Blog Posts That Capture Traffic

Blogs are the new way to write creative and interesting things that you feel are worth writing about or when you feel like sharing your perspective or perception about the world, society; politics or whatever is that you feel like sharing. Many people tend to start the blog for their businesses as a front to let the people know what product or service they are providing and how and why the company they are running as sole proprietor exists in the market. One must know that a blog is the reflection of who you are; so it will give the readers an insight into your personality. Blogs are your domain.

Why write a blog in first place?
Many people question the blogs and why they should spend time to write one. Well blogs as stated earlier are a reflection of who you are and serve as a means to represent you. This can be reinforced by the fact that when you apply for job interviews and if the Human resource department googles your name and if you are a writer of a blog then you would be visible to them in your true self. The reason that this is beneficial is that a person can fake a CV with bullets and recommendations but it is not easy to fake a blog which shows your perception and perspective about the world.

Blogs that have gained immense appreciation or following are those that have been truthful and unbiased in their views about the things that are mutual to all of us. The famous American blogger Perez Hilton is considered to be rash, dirty and really cruel when he writes his blogs but is always taken seriously about any opinion he has about an event or celebrity; the readers pay attention to what he says. To have clarity in your blogs is not easy but also not impossible. People that have great blog posts are usually writing with their hearts and not making things up to impress their readers. Blog readers that are consistently looking for great blogs to read usually know which blog is faked and which happens to be the one written with honesty and without societal prejudice. Honest blogging will get the attention of the readers and will bring them back again and again. This will ensure more traffic.

Use Simple tricks
To write a creative and innovative blog is not that hard as by using simple tips and tricks one can create a good blog. A blogger can use interactive and interesting names for titles of their blogs. Also they should start with strong first paragraph on which the rest of the blog can rest or stand upon. Also sometimes using pictures and videos that you yourself took or made can be integrated to help readers relate to the blog more efficiently.
They are your realm to command and you can write whatever you want either by telling your name or writing anonymously. But the key to writing blogs or the essence of it is to make it worthwhile for the readers.

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