Facebook fan pages for writers and books

As you explore the possibilities of social media for promoting your writing you're sure at some point to face the question of whether it's worth setting up a fan page on Facebook.

Fan pages are a great way to connect with your audience and increase interest in your writing.

The big decision is whether to set up a page as an author page or as a book page. Why not both?

I personally have a page under Jo Linsdell which promotes me as a brand and includes all my various writing related projects whilst offering a place for connecting with others and most importantly a place where others can connect with me. 

I also have a page for my book Italian for Tourists which includes information about the book, reviews, special discounts, video trailers, and other promotional material. I also post Italy related content, which might be an interesting article I come across that talks about Italy, a quote about the country or a fun fact.

Building an audience is the hard part and be prepared for it to take a while before you have an active fan base on your page. 

Start by suggesting your page to your friends. This will help get your page off the ground. You then need to branch out and attract the general public (and specifically your target market).

A few tips for increasing user engagement are:

  1. Post interactive updates rather than just informative updates.
  2. Communicate with active users of the page.
  3. Include current happenings in your updates like seasonal, holiday theme, news and more.
  4. Ask for suggestions from users.
  5. Introduce some fun elements in your update
  6. Include some personal updates from you like what you’re reading and watching
  7. Post some updates/tips just for Facebook Fans Only
  8. Sometimes include videos in your updates.
  9. Use images to convey your message
  10. Answer fan questions.
Fan pages tend to show up higher on search engine results than profiles do and as page admin you have access to page insights so you can easily see which types of posts are most successful, how many people are visiting your page, sharing its contents etc..

Do you already have a fan page on Facebook? What type? What kind of content do you post to encourage user engagement?


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