The best way to get started with article marketing

A great strategy to find potential clients is to do article marketing. But most people fail when it comes to article marketing because they don’t have the “up front” pieces in place before they get started. An effective article marketing strategy starts long before the article is written. To get started, you’ll need:
1.     A squeeze page, landing page or an opt-in page on your website; basically a place where you can send people after they’ve read your article and have decided that they want “more”
2.     An email-capture mechanism in the shape of an opt-in form of some sort
One of the most important things that you’ll really need to think about is your landing page. Your landing page on your website is all about defining the “Why”.The first question you need to be able to answer is “Why would someone want to come to your landing page on your website?”To be successful, you’ll need to define the number one reason why someone would come to your website in the first place.This could be because you have a specific piece of information you’re offering. It could be because you show them “how” to do something.It could also be anything that your particular audience finds valuable.

Next, you’ll want to define the second reason.Then the third, fourth, and so on.Come up with at least 5 solid reasons why someone would want to come to your page and sign up for your list. What is it that you can teach them or show them? These are going to be the topics and ideas for your first articles.

When doing this you’ll want to think of your article as a bite of the bigger juicy part of your website. For example, let’s say you’re giving away a report on “How to Sell Your House Yourself.”

Here are a handful of reasons why someone might want that report:

·        To learn how to price the home
·        To figure out the value of the home
·        To learn how to write good classified ads
·        To learn how to advertise on the Internet
·        To learn the best techniques for negotiating with buyers

There are a bunch of different reasons, but these 5 ideas would get you started. In this example, these 5 ideas would become your 5 core articles.

Next, you need to research your articles. And one of the very best tools to help you do this is the “Google Keyword Tool”. In the Google Keyword Tool, you want to enter those 5 ideas to find the most popular search terms that someone’s using in connection with those 5 reasons.

For example, you might find that “decide my home’s value” might have 10 times as much traffic or search volume as “what is my house worth” or vice versa. 

In a nutshell, you want to find out what the most popular keyword searches are that are at least 3 words long, for those 5 ideas. Not so much a two word keyword search, you really want a three word keyword search if it is at all possible.

Well, the real answer here is there is no magic search number! It’s not an exact science. I see people all the time that try to come up with some creative reasoning for one number over another; things like “Well, keyword phrase number one has 1300 searches, but keyword phrase number 2 has 2700.

Just try to remember that it’s not that complicated.Keep it simple and look for the most popular three word keyword phrases. The reason you want three words, or even longer depending on how complicated or how much traffic a particular keyword is getting, is because you want it to be focused and targeted. Make a note of what those most popular keyword searches are.

Going back to our real estate example, which happens to be a very competitive niche, it’s going to be next to impossible for your article to show up anywhere for just the phrase “real estate.” There’s simply too much competition. That’s why you want to use the longer tailed keywords (over 3 words). Not only are you targeting what people are searching on, you’re also cutting out a lot of the competition at the same time.

Next, let’s talk a little more about your landing page and website and how to create your marketing “slippery slope”. It’s important to keep in mind that what you’re trying to do with your article marketing strategy, from start to finish, is to create a slippery slope all the way from the headline or title of your article, straight through to your website.

As you create this “slippery slope”, you’re driving everything to your website. This assumes that your website is relevant to those keyword searches as well.  Once you’ve determined why someone would want to “opt-in” on your website or landing page, and you’ve done your keyword research, now it’s time to actually get started writing your article.

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This guest post is by Sue Kasson. 

Sue has a 20+ year sales and sales management background with several Fortune 500 companies and, in the last 11 years, has trained and coached hundreds of people to help them get more clients and sell more of their products and services. She is also the author of two books.


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