New logo for Writers and Authors

2012 will see big changes for the Writers and Authors site. A few of the things that will be happening include:

  • a new website url
  • online courses and workshops
  • a store with W&A merchandise
  • an updated and expanded resources section
  • a new logo
Here's a sneak peak preview of the new logo

Why the logo change?

I feel that the new logo better represents the site. The old image of books made it seem limited to published authors. The new logo is better suited to represent all writers from freelance writers to authors of books.


  1. Ok so I couldn't wait. As you can see I've already started making some changes around here. I'll continue to add bits here and there over the next month to get things ready for the launch of the new website and its new features.

  2. Nice logo,
    This logo is looking awesome.


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