Site of Interest: Publishing Renaissance

This weeks site of interest is

We are a group of indie writers putting our work out into the world and trying to navigate the web, social media, and all the new opportunities available.  Each of us has a different perspective on what it means to be indie, why we’re indie, and the unique challenges that indie publishers face.

What we share in common is a desire for community with other indies, and a goal toward raising the quality of the work put out by indies.
DISCLAIMER: Publishing Renaissance isn’t a person, but rather a group of individual contributors. Publishing Renaissance does not necessarily endorse or agree with every view espoused by every author featured here, nor may we all agree with the methods, views, or practices of every other contributor. The opinions of each individual are their own and indie authors are, well, independent. Please read this blog as different voices and opinions, rather than as a borg.

A great thing about Publishing Renaissance is that you can submit pieces to be published on the site. They also have a nice list of useful resources. Worth a visit.


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