Site of Interest: Write Wild

This weeks site of interest is Write Wild

Write Wild is run by Christie Wright Wild.

"I wanted to have a blog that focused on picture books. My goal is to reach ALL writers, though. I hope that parents and teachers will also enjoy my blog, because of the picture book and literacy aspect it offers. I chose to have a leprechaun "theme" because I love four-leaf clovers and I can find them easily. My record is 21 in ten minutes (or something like that). For those of you that choose to follow me on my journey toward the pot of gold we call publication, I call you my fellow rainbow riders"writers" because we are all searching for the best way to find that pot of gold at the end of the writing rainbow. Enjoy!"

One of the great things about this site is the Picture Book Contest.

More about the contest:
 "This quarterly contest is held four times a year:
  1. WINTER (January, February, March)
  2. SPRING (April, May, June)
  3. SUMMER (July, August, September)
  4. FALL (October, November, December)
The winner will receive a free detailed critique from me. I know it's not a national contest that offers cash or publication. But it's a fun way to participate in entering a contest, get a bit of visibility, and boost your confidence.

I will announce the winner's name and story title (as seen below). I promise to give my honest opinion and follow Margot Finke's advice of what a professional critique should include (even though mine are free). But actually, you'd WIN it! So go ahead, be brave.

There will be one winner per quarter, maybe two. Please enter only one of the four categories per contest:

  1. EARLY PBs (age 2-5) Just think pre-school. (Shorter, simpler, etc.)
  2. REGULAR PBs (age 4-8) The majority of PB's in elementary schools are these.
  3. NON-FICTION PBs (age 5-10) The market always has room for these.
  4. RHYMING PBs Hard to write well. Make it shine.
Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:  proper age range, 1500 words or less, fits the category you entered, creativity, language, and marketability.

How to enter:
  • Become a follower of my blog.
  • Enter by sending me an e-mail.
  • The subject line should read:  BLOG CONTEST: (SEASON), (CATEGORY), (TITLE)
  • The story must NOT be an attachment.  Copy and paste the story into the body of the e-mail.
  • Once I post the winner, wait 1-2 weeks for your critique to arrive in your e-mail's inbox via a Word attachment.
***You may enter any time.  I will read, review, and keep track of all entriesthroughout each contest. I will post the winners on the 4th Saturday in the month following the end of each contest. And I will provide a link below to show off the winners!***  

Disclaimer:  I will treat all writers with a professional level of respect. All original works will be kept private and confidential and will not be shared with others. This is my promise. I may change and edit the contest and rules over time according to the number of entries I may receive, etc. 

Reminder: If ever you should get your winning manuscript published, be sure to let me know. I'd love to interview you for my monthly HIGH FIVE feature, where I interview debut picture book authors! Published authors* are allowed to enter (but only if you have two or fewer books published)."

The site also offers author interviews, writer quotes and more. Well worth checking out.


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