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WOW! This site is amazing. It's packed full of useful information about the writing industry. A must visit!

About Publetariat

Why Publetariat? 
The indie author tide is rising. Every day there are new stories of authors taking their careers into their own hands and choosing, notresorting to, self-publication.
There's an increasing level of genuine interest in, and respect for, self-publishing and small, independent imprints on websites and in publications that would've sneered at the very idea a decade ago. As they begin to see the financial benefits of indie authorship, growing numbers of mainstream-published authors are self-publishing their back catalogs, reverted works and new works. Now, as indie authorship stands poised to become the 'next big thing' in publishing, the time is right for authors and aspiring authors to see self-publishing for what it is: one among several legitimate means of reaching a readership and pursuing a career in authorship. 
What Is Publetariat? 
Publetariat is an online community and news hub built specifically for indie authors and small, independent imprints. Who needs another online writers' community? If you're an indie author or a small imprint, you do. There are plenty of online sites and communities for writers, but none of them serve all the specific wants and needs of indie authors and small imprints.
When you're an active indie on one of those other sites, it's only a matter of time before more traditional-minded site members start belittling and dismissing you and your work because "you weren't good enough to get a real publishing contract," or some similar nonsense. This is a place where you will never again have to defend your choice to go indie, because everyone here has either done the same thing or supports your decision to do so. 
Who Is Publetariat? 
Publetariat was founded by April L. Hamilton, and its editorial staff includes experts in writing, journalism, editing, book design, publishing in both hardcopy and electronic formats, book marketing and promotion, web design, podcasting, video trailer creation, author services and social media - all topics of great interest and grave importance to indie authors and imprints.  In addition to publishing content from those listed below, we trawl the internet daily to bring you the most valuable content in books, publishing, book promotion, authorship and more from all over the web. 


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