Twitter resources and gaining followers

Nearly everyone now knows about the social media site twitter but not everyone knows what to do with it. One of the biggest issues new users face is how to get more followers.

The first step is to personalise your profile. You want people to know that your not an automated account and for it to be clear what your interests are and therefore what you'll be tweeting about.

Next you want to give them something for following you. You can do this by sending new followers a free gift (an ebook from your website is a good idea as gets them to visit your website, costs you nothing and makes them happy all in one simple move). You also want to make sure you give them something in your tweets. This can be advice or tips in your area of interest, useful blog posts your come across etc... Be the answer to their question.

Obviously you'll want to gain followers from outside twitter too. There are lots of ways to do this. Check out for some ideas. Follow buttons, Tweet buttons and various other widgets to draw in new followers from your website and blog visitors.

Adding a link to your emails is a good idea too and can easily be done using applications like


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