Promote your book this Christmas!

I know it may seem early to start talking about Christmas but when it comes to book marketing it's never too soon to put some plans into place.

As has now become a tradition here at Writers and Authors, the annual Christmas Wish List feature will return in December. A whole month worth of suggestions for books as Christmas presents.

The aim is to offer a different type of book on each day to inspire gifts that will appeal to the different tastes of friends and family of all ages. Books featured can be available in any format (print, e-book, kindle etc...). In fact electronic versions can get last minute sales from shoppers who are running out of time and can't face the idea of yet more Christmas crowds or for those who have relatives or friends far away.

If you would like to have your book considered for the 2011 feature please email with the following information:
  • book title
  • author name
  • ISBN
  • publisher (self published also welcome)
  • formats available (print, kindle etc...)
  • genre
  • purchasing link(s)
  • book blurb
  • video trailer (embed code)
  • review of book with by-line of the reviewer (name and link to their site)
  •  jpeg of cover art

Please send all of the above, in order, in the body of an email with 'Christmas Wish List 2011' in the subject line. Jpeg of cover  art as attachment.

You will be notified of the day of posting when all information has be correctly sent. Please proofread your submission before sending as all information will be posted 'as is'.


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Thanks for being an active part of the Writers and Authors community.