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This weeks site of interest is

Although not posted to frequently, this site has some great information and is well worth checking out.

The latest post Resources for Steady Writers has some links to useful sites and freebies for writers. 

It also contains a seperate tab with editing tips. 

The site is managed by UK writer Anne Duguid. A copy editor for Suite in the Noughties, and Associate Editor of Inkwell Newswatch, Annie is now Content Editor for MuseItUpPublishing -- an exciting new venture headed by the indomitable Lea Schizas. An internet addict from way back, she is now trying to get some focus on improving what she likes doing --maths, music, learning languages, reading and writing for a living.


  1. Jo, just found this entry. How very kind of you to include me on your super site. Absolutely delighted.

  2. You're welcome Anne. You have a great site too ;)

    All my sites of interest are sites that I've come across as I search the web, from twitter updates, facebook etc... If I see something that I think could be useful to me as a writer, I know the site has content that will appeal to the readers of Writers and Authors too. Your site is one of those.


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