W&A Readathon

The W&A readathon will take place this June.

When is it?
6-10th June 2011

What is it?
A whole week to read as many books as possible.

Many people, including writers, find it hard to make time to read. With everyone having such busy lives taking time to sit and read often takes the back seat. The idea of the W&A readathon is to encourage people to pick up a book more often and wake up their enjoyment of reading.

How does it work?
During the week 6-10th June you post to W&A the titles of the books you have read during the week. Posts during that week will all be related to reading in some way.

By posting the titles of the books people have read we will see if any books prove more popular than others, get ideas for books to read ourselves and see how many books we manage to read during the event.

So what books are on your reading list?


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