Video: How to make a Facebook fan page
Facebook fan pages can be created for virtually anything - for celebrities, athletes or for specific events or businesses. Creating a fan page isn't difficult, but you do need a general idea of how Facebook works to pull it off successfully. You'll need to log on to Facebook using your personal account information, head to the advertising section to create the page and then decide specifics for how you want to design the page. 

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  1. I'm new to your site...and I like the information. The information is very helpful, since I am a writer, with very little knowledge of posting, facebook etc...but I know this is the wave of the future for self-publisher. Thanks for the info.

    1. Welcome to the site! I hope you will find the posts useful.

      As a self publisher you definitely need to know how to use social media sites for marketing your books (that said even traditionally published authors need to know the basics these days).


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