Interview with Cheryl Bousquet

  • What made you become a writer?
I always felt a connection to written and spoken word. I believe words hold great power and have the ability to encourage, support, inspire, heal and illuminate one's soul. I knew being able to put words on paper that bring something to another person's life was a gift I'd been given and embrace it fully.
  • If you weren't a writer what would you be?
A full time softball coach
  • Tell us a bit about your latest book
My 3rd book, Princess Behind The Wall is a collection of poetry inspired by the journey's and stories of abused women. It speaks of their struggles, the pains, their battles and their strength, as they come out the other side to a place of love, freedom and empowerment.
  • Did you design the cover yourself or have it made for you?
Actually, I recruited a good friend and talented photographer, Laurie Luark to design the cover. We also incorporated the eyes of Rhonda Wagner Cramer in the artwork as she was the inspiration behind many of the books poems.
  • How do you promote your writing?
I use a variety of online and direct marketing. Traffic exchanges, safe lists and text ads, e zines, forums and online groups have worked well for me. I solicit sponsorships from local businesses, do some bartering as well as direct mailing, poetry readings, door to door fliers and free classified ad sites. 
  • What are your tips for others writers?
Embrace your gift and do whatever it takes to tell your story or the stories around you. Write from that place within yourself that allows the words to flow and don't get bogged down in the "right or wrong" way to write. Write about what inspires you and you're passionate about and others will be passionate about your work.
  • Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
They can visit my website at or my Facebook fan page at
  • Anything else you'd like to add?
I'd like to thank Writers And Authors for providing such a great format and resource to writers and their readers alike. 


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