Interview with Katandra Jackson

What made you become a writer?
-The statitistical tragic childhood. Writing was a way to escape what I refused to let become reality. I was given a diary at the age of 10 and this is where it all began.
If you weren't a writer what would you be?
-I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education, and have taught Pre K. An unfinished degree in Psychology, I would love to counsel troubled adolescents. My forefathers made a career of the Military, and I too have at least thought of this route. As you can see, the options are many and vary widely. One thing is for sure, if I were not a writer, i'd be plenty confused. Writing is the one thing in my life that ALWAYS makes sense. Without it, it's certain i'd die... i'm sure of it.
Tell us a bit about your latest book.
-THE DIARY OF A BRIDE TO BE: BOOK 1 A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime is my first creative nonfiction.  This story is about how two met and finally fell in love, and the journey that has since commenced.   It is a classic tale with a modern day setting. From the opening lines, the reader is invited to recollect firsthand, one of the most important journeys in a woman's life. It's a behind the scenes story that spares no details. From the acceptance of a friend request, to becoming more than cyber friends, to saying "I do!”. Book 1 is sure to be a page turner with its many unexpected twists and turns, the changing of one's heart and anothers mind and newfound  laughter. This tale is one as old as time. The story is told in a narrative tone.
Did you design the cover yourself or have it made for you?
-With some very creative insight, some photoshop, and a little luck, the cover pretty much designed itself. The original was had such bright and vibrant colors that they seemed to bleed, so I opted for a black and white cover instead. The same design. Bouquet background with the beginning words of the book right on the cover. It reminds me of my very 1st diary and I hope it intrigues the curiosity of each potential reader.

How do you promote your writing?
-I promote my blog by weekly postings via my Author Page, by being an active member of several online writing communities, I maintain a twitter, and several blogs. It is pertinent with or without a literary agent, rather traditionally or self published to be your own marketing manager. Become a household name and your book(s) are sure to see the light of day as opposed to a damp basement, in a musty corner, in a dust covered box. Sell you!!!
What are your tips for others writers?
-To write everyday, especially that which you love. Be it poetry, short stories, non fiction... write what you love. Study that form in its professional format, become a master at it. Then and only then can you begin to hone in other other writing styles. And no matter what, write every single day. When you have lots to say, when you have nothing to say, when you have writers block. Push through by writing everyday. Start TODAY. And what you can't revise and use, scrap and write again TOMORROW.
Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
-I can be found at my Author Page via Facebook
A preview of Book 1 can be found at

Anything else you'd like to add?
-I've always loved writing, articulating words, and expressing my portrait of the world with pen in hand. Even still, not in a million years could I have imagined this being my life. Push, promote, and provide the fuel for your own Dreams... anything is possible.


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