Interview with Elizabeth Diamond

  • Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Yes!  I always knew as a young girl that I wanted to write.  We would be given writing assignments at school and I would put all my time and energy into writing the most adventurous story.  My mom actually kept my writings from those earlier years along with the illustrations.  She recently presented me with those stories when I became a published author. It’s so interesting to look back and see into my imagination at that early age. When I was younger I would dream about writing fiction novels and children’s books.  Never did I think I would be an author in the self-help/spirituality genre.
  • Tell us a bit about your latest book?
What I love most about my latest book 7 Mindsets to Master Self-Awareness is that I never sat down with the intention to write it. It just sort of birthed itself into existence.  Often times when I reflect upon it, I wonder how I ever found the time to write as an active mother of four young children! 
I was inspired to create the 7 Mindsets during a time in my life when I was faced with extreme adversity.  As a certified hypnotherapist, I hold a deep understanding that every single life challenge is actually a blessing in disguise.  In order for a person to successfully overcome obstacles in their life, it is essential that they awaken an inner awareness to their thought processes. This is the key to shifting ones focus off of their problems and onto the outcomes that they desire the most and really want to create in their life. When a person begins practicing conscious observation of their thought processes, they become aware of the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back from enjoying the success in life that they truly deserve.  Making it a practice to actively search out the lesson or blessing present in every situation, one learns to appreciate their life journey and is capable of viewing their reality from a more evolved perspective. When we give our attention to the things that we really want to experience instead of focusing on our problems, miracles begin to unfold.
One of the questions that I sought to answer within the content of this book is how a person can begin the process of feeling better right now even if they have spent a lifetime struggling in adversity or have never before felt the uplifting sensations of love, joy, or personal success. So often we hear from credible experts today that all we have to do is be happy now, to think positive, to visualize what we want in order to attract desired outcomes. This advice works, but it can be frustrating for some people if they have not been taught or brought up in an environment where feelings of joy, love and success abound.  Some people have been struggling in adversity for so long that they do not even know what happiness or unconditional love looks or feels like.  So how can a person be happy now?  How can a person shine their love on a situation if they have never before in their life felt loved?  What if one has forgotten what it feels like to be completely happy and free? If this is the case, than obtaining these states of consciousness can be a challenge.  These are the people that I intend to reach with my book.
It is my intention and purpose in life to show people how to step outside what is familiar by finding the new thoughts and feelings that dissolve their obstacles and support their desired goals and outcomes so that they can begin to reap the full blessing of living a life filled with many experiences of joy and personal fulfillment.
  • Who do you think will benefit from reading your book?
Anyone who is looking to transform, shift, heal, or resolve their life experiences.  Those who want to live a more positive lifestyle, achieve higher states of awareness, and advance in their personal and spiritual development.
  • Your also a speaker and life coach. Do you think this helps the sales of your book?
Yes!  My clients have been encouraging me to place my knowledge and techniques into print for the past few years!  I find that having a book of my own makes it easier to attract new clients and secure more speaking engagements.  I always sell books after a speaking engagement! I believe that when people get to experience you directly through the sound of your voice or in person, they have an opportunity to share in your passion and enthusiasm for your message.  This energy is contagious and others become inspired to taste more of it.
  • What other projects are you working on?
I love to create art!  I developed a revolutionary technique called The Intentional Scrapbooking Method™ that shows people how to intentionally anchor their new thoughts and ideas through an artistic visual process in order to repattern their mind and harness the powerful natural laws to work in their favor. The physical outlet of scrapbooking contains all the creative elements that successfully imprint the subconscious mind of one’s desired goals. This process literally transforms dreams into realities with an accelerated speed!  Right now there appears to be a demand for more instruction on this technique, so I am working on making more video tutorials available.  I am also constantly adding content to our existing member site that offers a wide array of guided meditations, mp3 audios, and direct access to our inspiring weekly group community calls. I would also like to offer more public workshops.
  • As a mother of four, do you have any tips for other mum writers?
In my experience as a writer, I find that I can only write from a place of pure inspiration. As a mother, I have arrived at an understanding that I must be creative and flexible in my search for writing time! One rule that I stay true to is that I ONLY write from a space of feeling good!  So if I find that I am trying to force my writing or that I am struggling to keep the balance with my children, I take a break and give my kids the attention that they deserve.  Oftentimes I find that taking the time to honor my kids and nurture my personal needs brings me back into alignment with a flow of inspiration from which words effortlessly appear before my eyes. Another productive habit that I adhere to and recommend to others is to keep a notebook and pen always within reach so that when an inspiring thought or idea hits, it can be immediately captured into written form before it gets lost.  Then when a pocket of writing time presents itself, that thought can be expanded upon and perfected.
  • Where can people find out more about you and your work?
My website:
  • Anything else you'd like to add?
The sky is the limit! If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  When a person is open and willing to explore what is possible in their life, anything can happen.  Wherever you may be at in your life and no matter where it is that you intend to go, you can choose right now in this moment to step into a place of true power by choosing to focus on the things that make you happy!  May all of your intentions be fulfilled!


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