Interview with Doug Hisler

When did you become a writer? 
Before I learned to talk.  I used to write on the wall with crayons.  I also wrote fantasy stories when I was about 20.  Seriously I became a writer in 1996 when I self published my first collection of short stories, many which had won manuscript competitions.  I actually always thought of myself as an artist and now I am a professional wildlife artist.  I actually have two careers, author and artist.  The juggling of the two can be tricky.

What genre do you write and why?
I have to pick one genre?  I would have to say no matter what genre I write in, their is always an emotional story, with nature, love, and a bit of mystery to create conflict. 

Tell us a bit about your latest book? 
Montana Mist is an adventure in the snowy mountains of a lost town in Montana.  Hanlon Starky quit professional hockey to disappear into the forest and study wolves.  He guards a secret past and keeps a beautiful blind girl in a cabin.  Sassy, a hitch hiker finds her way into the small town and into the heart of the man who spends most of his life with the wolves.  She delves into his past to unravel their lives, uncovering his secret past as Hanlon searches the mountains, protecting his wolves from poachers and hoping to find his lost white wolf, Mist.  Watch the trailer here : 

You're also an artist and produce illustrations and cover art for other authors. Does working with others in this way have an effect on your own books?
 YES!  My books are a visual feast of imagery.  When I write I am a movie projector.  I am watching the movie in my head and typing as fast as I can to get it down in words.  My writing is extremely visual and clear with a "voice" that tells you the story as you create the book's world in your imagination.

What projects are you working on at the moment? 
My wildlife art is taking most of my time these past few months, gathering paintings for a book of art.  This summer I will resume writing on my novel about the small tribe of people discovered by National Geographic that inhabited the Komodo Islands in prehistoric times.  I have two finished novels that I will be marketing and shopping to agents in the next year, in fact one agent already has the manuscript for The Midnight Jungle.  The other finished novel is a thriller, The Texas Sugar Pussy Kat Murders.

What has been the highlight of your writing career so far? 
The fact that so many people fell in love with my 2006 novel, that keeps selling 4 years later, The Honey Bee Girl.  Why Hollywood has not optioned it for a movie is still puzzling me.  The novel is so close to heart since it is about 90% a true story. 

Where can people find out more about you and your work?
Doug Hiser on Youtube: features my book trailers, my web site is,  has tons of my art, along with and www.MyArtspace,com

Anything else you'd like to add? 

I love.  I really just love creating, telling stories, painting pieces of art, drawing, planning art and novels,
I love it so much, 18 books and counting, over 2000 drawings, paintings, and many, many more to come.  Come on film makers of the world take a look at what I have for a new unique story instead of making the same old sequels!  I'm like a special fish that swims in a little hidden pond, secluded by a lost valley surrounded by massive mountains, until one day some one picks up my books or someone stumbles on my art and says, "Aha, we have just discovered a new species." 


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