Review: Ellens' Tale by Alberta Ross

Title: Ellen's Tale
Author: Alberta Ross
Publisher: Eilio Books
ISBN: 978-1844-26726-2

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

In Ellen's Tale, Alberta Ross gives us an historical romance set in the future. She alternates between two main love stories occurring in different time periods.

Ellen's Tale makes for almost scary reading as the descriptions of climate change, child soldiers, landmines and genetic engineering that lead to mass death, disasters and despair, ring all to true to current events seen in the news.

Alberta Ross creates her own vision of how the world will become and the steps that will be needed to be taken to save humanity over the years showing a real ease in world building and scene setting. This is one book that will leave you thinking about where our world is heading.

The main love story is between Ellen, a girl from the cities and Bix, a rider who was genetically modified as a child to fight. Their story has many twists and turns and the road to their happily ever after effects all mankind.

The other love story that grows through out the book is that between Maia, a young researcher and Ris, an expert on Ellen (who lived 50 years previously).

A thought provoking and entertaining read that will have you cheering for the characters right from the beginning. In my opinion, a book well worth reading.


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