Site of Interest: My Book Therapy

This weeks site of interest is

This site is a wonderful resource especially for writers of fiction. It's worth visitng for the blog alone as it's packed full of useful tips, advice and information to enhance your writing skills.

Recent posts include:

The Guts, the Game, and the Glow: The 3 Acts of suspense.

Tutorial on Showing verses Telling

Tips for Brainstorming

They also organise writing retreats to help you discover, create and publish a novel.

Other features include; an ezine, a writers forum and writing contests. Plus a variety of services to help take your book to the next level.

My Book Therapy Mission Statement:

We at My Book Therapy are all about helping the writer help him – or herself. We are aprofessional story crafting service designed to give writers the tools they need to develop and enhance their craft. We don’t line edit - we footnote your story, giving you suggestions, lessons and examples on how to apply them.

In short, we’ll teach you how to write.

Well worth a visit!


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