Site of interest: Build Creative Writing Ideas

This weeks site of interest is

Build Creative Writing Ideas is a site devoted to finding new creative writing ideas for authors, bloggers and playwrights of any kind and to motivate them to write! 

On this site, you’ll find a few key things:
  • Nearly 100 pages of creative writing prompts to start your stories, scripts, blogs, etc.
  • Motivational tips and tricks to get you out of your writing slump
  • Ideas to step up your time management, diet and your overall happiness to make you more focused on your writing goals
  • Hundreds of stories written by writers like you who want to practice their craft for all to see.
The site was created by author Bryan Cohen. Find out more about him here.

Well worth a visit!


  1. Didn't see this until just now! Thanks so much for posting my site to the blog :). Have a great day!

  2. Quality stuff composed by you. How long did you take to come to this stage and what qualities should a writer be having to master its perfection?

    1. Hey Creative Writing Ideas, just saw this comment. Thanks so much for the kind words!

      Personally, I think writers should dive into writing. There are plenty of classes you can take and degrees you can earn, but there are also many writers who just took a chance and started figuring things out as they went along.

      The most important qualities to build are diligence (working every day) and a thick skin (ability to continue despite tough times and criticism). Good luck and happy writing!


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