Review: Rudy the Roadrunner

Title: Rudy the Roadrunner
Author: Janice Lease
Publisher: Cinnamon Ridge Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9800762-3-3

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

Janice Lease is the photographer and author of this delightful book which tells the story of Rudy The Roadrunner accompanied by wonderful photo’s of the real animal and its environment.

Rudy was born next to a convenience store and has never learnt to hunt for his food. People coming to the store feed him junk food but the bush that is his home is to be removed meaning that Rudy is in need of help to survive.

The story is based on a real story of a roadrunner who having taking up home at a local convenience store didn’t know how to hunt and lived off junk food.

The story teaches the importance of a healthy diet and educates on different animals individual needs to grow healthy and strong. The book also includes facts about roadrunners so that young readers can learn more about this creature.

A lovely read and excellent way to get children to learn about healthy eating and caring for animals in the right way. I think this book is ideal as a school teaching aid as it leads nicely to related projects and discussions.


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