Review: On this day in Christian History

Title: On this day in Christian History
Author: Robert J. Morgan
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-7852-3189-9

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

On this day in Christian History is a collection of 365 short stories about Saints, Martyrs and Heroes.  The author, Robert J. Morgan, describes it as "an armchair tour of the chronicles of Christianity in a devotional format".

Each story is told in bite size form covering just one page and includes a quote from a relevant passage of the Bible at the bottom for easy reference.

The stories, told on the date they occurred, are interesting and in some cases inspiring, in others amusing. A nice way to learn about Christian history without getting overwhelmed or preached at.

I particularly liked the story of Gregory the Great on September 3rd. A famous Roman who became the father of the medieval papacy, with all the good and bad that entailed.

There is an index of selected topics at the back of the book making it easy to find a story to match your topic of interest. To name a few; aging, friendship, loneliness, parenting, suffering and time management.

On this day in Christian History is ideal for people teaching about the church but also those interested in history as all the stories included contain verified facts. If you have an interest in religion but aren't quite sure where to start this is the ideal book for you.


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