CWL: A Patchwork of Perspectives by Alberta Ross

Title: A Patchwork of Perspectives
Author: Alberta Ross

Cover art:


A Patchwork of Perspectives is a first collection of short stories from Alberta Ross.

Within these pages can be found tales which range from normal to just a tiny bit weird. Tales that tell of the young, the old and all in between, that travel in the past, the present and who knows where. Tales just one side of normal.

Purchasing details:
A Patchwork of Perspectives is available from Alberta Ross’s website where extracts are available for reading and details of her other publications can be found.

Author Bio:

I spent the first part of my adult life travelling the world, the middle years studying and gaining BSc Hons and an MA and now have settled down to write.  Over the years my interests have expanded, as has my book and music collection.  A short list would include reading (almost anything) science, opera, folk, gardening, philosophy, crazy patchwork, freeform crochet, ethics, social history, cooking (and eating of course)


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