CWL: Italian for Tourists by Jo Linsdell

Title: Italian for Tourists
Author: Jo Linsdell

ISBN: 978-1-4092-7826-9

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Book Blurb:

Italian For Tourists: Pocket Edition is a basic guide to the Italian language covering phrases and words most needed by tourists. It includes all the words and phrases a tourist is likely to need during their stay in Italy as well as a pronunciation guide and a map of Italy.

The phrasebook is divided into 17 chapters including; Emergency, The basics, Common expressions, Learning Italian, Greetings and introducing yourself, Transport, Hotel, Sightseeing, Asking and giving directions, Food and drink, Health, Shopping, Offices and bureaucracy and Signs and notices and more.

Jo Linsdell came to Italy from the UK in June 2001 and now lives in Rome working as a freelance writer. She wrote the book drawing on her own experience. She explains “A tourist doesn’t need to know everything about Italian grammar or the in’s and out’s of buying an apartment. They want to have an easy to use reference book of the language they will need to use and understand during their stay”.

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By Karen Cioffi
Author, Freelance Writer

Italy is a country I’ve always wanted to go to.  It is where my grandparents came from.  One of my concerns if travelling to a foreign country though, is the language barrier.  What if I needed directions, what if there was an emergency?  Well, Jo Linsdell’s book, Italian for Tourists, covers every possible situation that may arise.  This is the one book I would have to bring with me.

Ms. Linsdell divided the book into seventeen very informative sections.  The first section, Pronunciation Guide, has subsections including word stresses and the Italian alphabet.  The Basics subsections include numbers, colours, parts of the day, days of the week and much more.  Some of the subsections in Transport include words and phrases for cars, trains, ships and airports.  A few of the other sections are: Common Expressions, Hotel, Directions, and Food and Drink.  But, the most important section is Emergency (just in case).  This section lists the body parts among many other words and phrases. It even includes phrases a doctor may ask you.  The detail is amazing.

The format of this book is simple and uncluttered with easy to read font.  This allows for easy and quick access to the section and word/phrase you’re looking for. It is an easy to read and understandable tour guide.

Italian for Tourists includes almost every conceivable word or phrase you would need. It also provides you with the information to pronounce them. The detail in this book is wonderful and thoughtful. It is easy to see that Ms. Linsdell must have devoted a great deal of time and effort to create such a useful and helpful book.  If you are travelling to Italy, this is a must have book.

About the Author:

Born in Gillingham, Kent (UK) in September 1980. Married name Joanne Denise Feliciani. Having passed 10 GCSE’s, went on to study Business Studies, History and Art A-Levels at Yateley 6th Form. Jo Linsdell left England and moved to Rome, Italy in June 2001, where she now lives with her Italian husband and their young son.

She has had various jobs including working in hostels, being a tour guide and teaching English as a foreign language. She now works full-time as a freelance writer. She writes regularly for various websites, newspapers and magazines. She writes in both English and Italian.

As well as her blogging activities, she is also the founder and organiser of PROMO DAY, an international online event for people in the writing industry. Visit her at

She was featured under Who's Who In The Literary Society at

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  1. Jo's book is a great gift to give to anyone planning a trip to Italy. If I finally get to go there, I'll be sure to take a copy with me.


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