CWL: ELFIN BLOOD by Gracen Miller

Author: Gracen Miller

Cover art:

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

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Scorned by her own kind for her half-breed elf status, Julija lives a lonely existence among her Ivory Elf kin. She is the only one the elves can trust when a magical book in elf lore is stolen. Relegated to steal the Book from the vampire thief, Landau Jamieson, she's surprised to discover he has the ability to walk in daylight. Refusing to be deterred by developing setbacks, she’s committed to executing the heist for an Ivory King who grows more desperate to possess the Book. Nothing about the vampire is as it appears and Julija begins to doubt her mission. Worse, she begins to worry she won't have the strength to guard her heart from her sworn enemy.

Landau is fascinated by the elf stalking him and baffled by the potent hunger she elicits after ten thousand years of celibacy. Soon he discovers the lovely sprite is a pawn in a dangerous game--orchestrated by none other than a reviled enemy from his past. While blind-sided by her beauty and her magical powers, the least of which is the spell she casts on his heart, the sinister plot unfolds. What started out as folly to catch a thief, blossoms into a love that casts aside bloodlines and forges all boundaries.


"SWEET! Are you a vampire lover? Do you like Lord of the Rings?  I love both and really dug this book :)

Hot, action packed and filled with great characters. Gracen Miller has done a really good job in telling a fantasy story that, even though was fiction and far fetched, still kept me pulled in and reading until the last page. Oh so hot and rocking :) 

The action didn't stop and just when you thought it might....yep it didn't. Kicken story that I will be reading again soon :) "



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