CWL: Devoted to creating by Jen Nipps

Title: Devoted to creating

Author: Jen Nipps

Cover art:

Everyone who is made in the image of God is creative. These devotions illustrate how creativity surrounds us and how we can use it in his service even-and especially-in unexpected ways, such as teaching, parenting, gardening, and cooking as well as the more expected outlets of writing, painting, and drawing. Hopefully they will help ignite the spark of creativity in you.

By Mysti Reutlinger on

"I received a copy of Devoted to Creating by Jen Nipps shortly after it was published. I found myself amazed at the heartfelt and warm stories all about the creative process in writing, painting, knitting, cooking and more. Jen describes the flow of creativity and the blocks that stop us from completing a project, or at least stalling it for some time. This book is an absolute must-have for every person who finds enjoyment in hobbies, arts, writing and even down to the parent who plays games with their children. It is not only an incredible compilation, it is filled with stories like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Each and every time I've picked this book up and read, I have found new inspiration and the desire to be devoted to creating in my own life. I couldn't imagine having not read this book the first time or every time thereafter."

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From the publisher - - $13.95 print; $2.99 Kindle
From - - also $13.95 print and $2.99 Kindle
From Barnes & Noble - - $12.84 (discounted for online shopping via Not yet available on Nook.


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