CWL: Death of a Liturgist by Lorraine V Murray

Title: Death of a Liturgist
Author: Lorraine V Murray
Publisher: St. Benedict Press

Cover art:


St. Rita's is a vibrant suburban church with parishioners who like things on the traditional side: old-fashioned hymns from the choir, no-nonsense preaching from the priests, pious devotions in the chapel, and warm pastries in the rectory kitchen.

All that ends on the day the liturgist arrives.

He promises to bring the parish "up to date," to make Mass more appealing to the tastes of modern Catholics. But all he does is make enemies; it seems St. Rita's isn't ready to "sing a new church in to being" quite yet. So when the liturgist turns up dead, under mysterious and violent circumstances, everyone is a suspect.

Death of a Liturgist features the return of Francesca Bibbo, the irrepressible heroine of Death in the Choir. Join her and the rest of St. Rita's eccentric crew, including Sister Therese, Detective Tony Viscardi, and Ignatius the hamster (with a little help from the archbishop too) as they try to solve the mystery--and make St. Rita's safe for tradition again.

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The book has been included in a wonderful review by Cheryl Dickow, just out, on Catholic News Agency and an e-magazine, Integrated Catholic Life:

About the Author:
Lorraine V. Murray (the "V" stands for "Viscardi") writes a column called "Grace Notes" for the Living - Faith and Values section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She also writes columns and reviews for the Georgia Bulletin, and has written for other Catholic publications. 

Lorraine's latest book is "Death of a Liturgist," a wild romp through a parish that is hijacked by a liturgist. She has also written "The Abbess of Andalusia," which is about Flannery O'Connor's spiritual journey, and five other books. Lorraine works mornings in the Pitts Theology Library at Emory University in Atlanta.


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