Site of Interest: AssEtEbooks

This weeks site of interest is

The site states:

"You'll see at first glance that it's not just another ebook site, at second glance that I offer the best free ebooks online, and at third glance that I have something special  you won't find anywhere else but here". 

In fact the site offers various sections including;

Free Ebooks 

 Ebooks about Everything 

 Play Arcade Games 

Promote Your Own Books 

 Introduce Yourself 

 Submit Articles

For example under the promote your own books category:

If you want exposure, if your book is new or if maybe you've had trouble publishing,  promoting  or  selling  your book, your book can be listed on the appropriate page, according to subject matter, free as a promotional download, or for sale at whatever price you want!
Or, if you would like to feature it here*, I am willing to dedicate almost unlimited space for you to describe your book and/or yourself. It's all  free. Unless you sell your book, in which case we get a prearranged percentage when it sells.

The site is managed by Thomas A. Retterbush.

Worth a visit!


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