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I recently received an email about and as it might be of interest to W&A readers here's some more information:

Do you write?

We're looking for good-quality eBooks, eZines and self-published articles for our new website!
This is a FREE MARKETING TOOL for you, as we post all material absolutely free for our visitors to read.  In return, you may be eligible for profit-sharing from our advertising revenue.  Don't want to give it all away from free?  No problem -- post a quality excerpt, and include a link for them to buy the full version!

Want to learn more?  Check us out at and click on Submit to tell us about yourself!

To your success!

Lisa Davies
406 Amapola Avenue #210
Torrance, CA 90501

"According to Google, there are millions of e-books available, with countless thousands more published every month.  But how do authors get found among the myriad of millions of web pages in the search engines?
That's why exists!  Authors of all genres can freely post their e-books with us, and we not only take care of the distribution... but authors are also eligible for PROFIT SHARING from our site's revenue! 
We accept:
  • e-Books (all genres)
  • e-Newsletters (personal & professional)
  • Excerpts from your published books
  • Self-Published Articles
Best of all, authors and readers can use our service as often as they like!

Q:  How can MyFreeRead give away everything for free?
A:  Simple!  Our website is sponsored by advertisers, so we can provide this service absolutely FREE!
Q:  Are there any hidden costs?
A:  Absolutely not!
Q:  Do I have to buy anything?
A:  Absolutely not!
Q:  Is there any limit to how many files I can download?
A:  No.  Read as much and as long as you like.
Q:  Why do I only see a few e-books?
A:  Our website is just now launching... we'll have lots more e-books available soon!
Q:  Can I list my own e-books, newsletter, articles and excerpts on
A:  Yes!  Use the online form to submit information about yourself.  We're always looking for new authors!


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