Site of Interest: Juiced on Writing

This weeks site of interest is

An exellent resource for writers. This website contains a variety of categories that will help you in the different areas of your writing careers.

"Due to the nature of the author of this blog, you will find a messy lot  of information and opinions on writing on this blog.
Juiced on Writing is both a personal blog and a topic / niche blog. I will be reviewing various writing products, discussing writing topics and blogging about all the latest news which interests me. You will find my own personal projects earmarked under the Writing Life category also.
Some Areas of Interest -
  • Feature Articles – there will be two feature articles at any one time, available at the top of the homepage. These could be on any topic.
  • Archives – the general archives page, showing lists of latest posts, lists by category etc.
  • Downloads - download the giveaways from this section, predominantly free ebooks on writing.
  • Writing Links – contain pages of link badges and featured links.
  • Resources – find secondary pages here leading you to the top articles, a tumble-log for writing, and lists of reviews.
  • Guest Posts – do you want to write a post for this blog? This is welcomed here".
The site is run by writer Michelle Thompson. Well worth a visit!


  1. Juiced on Writing seems to have stalled. I can't locate anything new since November 2009.


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