Over 30 places to download free ebooks for writers

As today is my 30th Birthday I thought I'd offer you a little treat. Below is a list of 30 places where you can download free ebooks that will help you in the different aspects of your writing careers. Enjoy!

  1. The Freelance Writing website has a large number of free ebooks for you to download on a variety of topics ranging from HOW TO PLAN A HOME OFFICE THAT WORKS to THE ACTIVE AUTHOR'S GUIDE TO COPYRIGHT BASICS to BOOK WRITING FOR FUN & PROFIT see http://www.freelancewriting.com/ebooks-for-writers.php for the full list and downloads.
  2. http://juicedonwriting.com/184/36-free-ebooks-for-writers/  offer a free e-book containing 59 Free E-books for New Writers
  3. Fiction Factor contains mostly ebooks on honing and improving your craft as a writer. http://www.fictionfactor.com/writersfreebies.html
  4. http://www.writingcareer.com/freebies.php
  5. http://www.readprint.com/ has an excellent selection of free ebooks. Big name authors and best sellers. 
  6. For  the free ebook How to Write a Great Query Letter http://becoming-a-writer-seriously.com/wordpress/2007/06/22/noah-lukemans-free-ebook-for-writers/
  7. http://gutenberg.net.au/ Free ebooks by Australian writers, or about Australia! Australia's Greatest Books. A number of Australian 'classics'.
  8. http://www.ebooksread.com/ onlne library of free ebooks
  9. http://www.e-book.com.au/freebooks.htm
  10. http://www.write4kids.com/ebooks.html has a great list of free ebooks for children's writers
  11. Thousands of ebooks organized by category at http://e-library.net/free-ebook.htm
  12. http://pbackwriter.blogspot.com/2006/10/pbws-e-book-challenge.html probably something here for every type of reader.
  13. http://www.smashwords.com/books/category/1/newest/0/free/any
  14. http://www.globusz.com/
  15. http://www.free-ebooks.net/ 
  16. http://www.lousywriter.com/free-ebooks.php free ebooks on English grammar and how to write better.
  17. http://www.moytura.com/internetmarketing/free-writing-ebooks.htm lots of free ebooks to download about writing and marketing.
  18. http://www.baen.com/library/
  19. http://www.selfpublishebooks.com/ not only contains free ebooks, this site also offers loads of information on self publishing and ebook markets
  20. http://www.millsandboon.co.uk/ Free online reads of popular romance novels
  21. http://girlebooks.com/ Much more than a simple ebook resource, Girlebooks aims to make classic and contemporary works by female writers available to a large audience through the ebook medium. 
  22. http://newfreebooks.com/ Tons of links to complete free ebooks still covered by copyright. Novels, mystery, romance, thriller, history, spiritual and more.
    They are legal, in most cases from the author's own website.
  23. http://www.onread.com/books/
  24. http://www.freebooksforall.com/ Free Business Books, Free Memoirs, Free How-to Books, Free Travel Books, Free Spiritual Books ...
  25. http://assetebooks.com/
  26. http://www.digitalbookindex.org/about.htm  A virtual library.
  27. http://www.writers-free-reference.com/ Also has an excellent range of links to sites useful to writers.
  28. http://www.writers-free-reference.com/ 
  29. http://www.socialmediatoday.com/SMC/58587 Top 25 free ebooks about social media 
  30. 'Tweeting your way to success' from http://www.jolinsdell.com


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