Interview with Carlo Vella

When did you become a writer? 
I became a writer after winning a short story contest in Melbourne Australia. Never took it seriously then and living it out  but I enjoyed the time putting words to paper, drifting into a fantasy and living it out as a story. I then wrote my first book and since then I kept on writing.  

Originally from Australia, you now work as an English teacher in Spain. How does this help you as a writer? Keeps the money coming in! Unfurtunately, writing is not a money making career unless you are a succesful and well known. The royalties I get isn´t enough to write on a full time basis. That is where the teaching comes in.  

What genre do you write and why? 
Histoprical fiction, occult. I love history and enjoying learning about other cultures. I love hearing tales of old, myths, old wives tales. Enjoy the research and once I have enough information, the story starts to unforld. I like mixing historical fact with fiction and bring an historical event into the 21st century.

Please tell us a bit about your latest release The Book of Secrets.
It is a story about a book, some say it is a tome written by Angels. It holds secrets only the Vatican and a secret order that investgate religious phenomena know about. It is a race to see who can find the book first and unfortunately there are consequences to whoever finds the book. The story takes you back to when the Templar Knights located the book, a story told in parts, first and third person narratives. It also takes you on a journey: from Australia where the story begins, to Rome and finaly Barcelona.  

Are there plans for a follow up?
 Yes. I am writing the sequel - The Thirteen Tortures about the Patron saint of Barcelona and witchcraft. It is not a book where one must read the first part though I am using the same characters and adding some flashbacks from ¨The Book of Secrets¨  

What is the hardest part of being a writer?
 Creating the characters, writing the book and to keep it interesting - letting it flow. Concentration can also be difficult.  

Any tips or advice for other writers?
 I know some writers starting off tend to begin writing their book and then give up. Not easy to commit yourself to writing something that has to be over 200 pages. It´s not an easy task. Keep at it. You never know if you have a best seller there right infront of you.  

Where can people find out more about you and your work?
My web people are welcome to email me as well.  

Anything else you'd like to add?
 I write because of the joy it gives me. Nice to have a best seller but even if a few people buy my book, I am quite content with that. The research I do for my stories, is more than enough satisfaction as a writer. The knowledge and education from my reseasrch and interviews educates me and that is enough to keep me writing. Also I tell my students that writing helps to express ones self. 


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